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...............Telling God's Story............... A Parents' Guide to Teaching the Bible

By Peter Enns

In a rapidly changing world, how should parents prepare young Christians to have a vibrant faith in God and trust in Scripture?

Telling God's Story: A Parents' Guide to Teaching the Bible gives parents a grasp of what the Bible is (and is not), and helps them communicate its message to their children faithfully, powerfully, and with joy. In this accessible and engaging book, Peter Enns (author of the popular NIV Application Commentary on Exodus) provides parents and teachers with a straightforward and intelligent twelve-year plan for teaching the Bible.

Beginning with the Gospels to introduce the youngest students to Jesus, Enns suggests continuing on to larger segments of the biblical story for middle grade students, and finally guiding high school students into a vital understanding of the history and culture of biblical times.

Telling God's Story is designed to help parents as they encourage their children to become mature, knowledgeable, and humble followers of Jesus.

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